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Friday, March 11, 2011 @ 12:34 AM | 1 Your Espresso

When you left for your flight

I was here left alone
in the dark unwelcoming home
how you would talk, walk, and do silly things.
I stride down the hall.
playing with my cell phone .
 what else is there to do? but then
 i remembered
you said “See you soon”
my stomach turned to butterflies
I flew across my chair
awaiting your very arrival
there was nothing i couldn’t bear.
without a care
I called leaving ten million messages at the most.
waiting waiting
till you would come home

wait and wait and wait

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Ya Allah..Engkau berilah ilmu yg bermanfaat kepada kami, kuatkanlah ingatan kami, jadikan lah kami orang-orang yg berjaya dan berguna..

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