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Oh Allah..
Saturday, November 27, 2010 @ 10:28 PM | 0 Your Espresso

kenapa ?  why ? limaza ?

seriously , honestly , tak suka ada dalam situation macam niee ...
tapi kena face jugak , takleh nak ciao lari cemtu , bukan PENGECUT .

pray for HIM 

I leave and go but Allah is the one
 with all the kindness is always there ..
I ask Him for hope that is never rejected..
I ask from Him safety from the bad in the world ..
I am tested thorugh it, where it disasters turn me gray..
I ask Him all the time and in all cases because 
He is the one who makes our heart feel safe..
I have no one to ask but Allah.. 
He is my only Lord and the only one..
He is patient , He always puts forgiveness before punishment .
He is so merciful that His mercy includes all beings..
My mistakes and sins sicken me more everyday but You are the only doctor who can make me feel fine..
Oh Allah , keep those who envy away from me 
and make me feel safe .
He is the most merciful , who I believe in and ask for help ..
From Him , I ask for forgiveness ..
Oh Allah you know how I am doing ? Is there a resolution soon ?
Oh Allah.. show me what makes You content , 
look at me and please make me give up sins ..
Protect me and make me prevail . 
Give me strength when my powers faint ..
I gain my strength and my hopes 
from the richness of worshipping you ..
Thank you Allah for the aid you give me..

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Ya Allah..Engkau berilah ilmu yg bermanfaat kepada kami, kuatkanlah ingatan kami, jadikan lah kami orang-orang yg berjaya dan berguna..

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